Our flagship fund, The Asia Opportunity Fund, aims to provide our clients with cost effective active asset management.


Wordsworth Asset Management is a small team of dedicated professionals with financial services and business backgrounds. We are proud to be a minority owned investment manager.  We strive to redefine the fund industry norms with regards to transparency and simplicity. Our business success is a reflection of the investment success we create for our clients.

We believe our gender diversity gives our business a significant advantage in the world of investment management. Considerable research over recent years clearly illustrates that diversity in asset management leads to better balanced decision making.


Our flagship fund, The Asia Opportunity Fund, aims to provide our clients with cost effective active asset management. The fund employs a strategy that is simply understood, easily evaluated and that is designed for growing wealth over the long-term. In line with this, we have implemented a low fee structure.


At Wordsworth Asset Management, our basic philosophy is that our investment decisions should be simple and easily understood by our investors. We believe Einstein’s dictum that “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

We have aligned our investment values with our business values. An integral part of our stock selection process considers the environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices of the companies that we invest in. It is well established that businesses with better ESG practices deliver higher returns in the long term.

Our Portfolio


This is one of the few areas where we are investing in domestic Chinese companies. They have their own unique alphabet and domestic companies dominate the market.


As the middle class grows in the developing world so too does the demand for higher quality protein.

Affordable Luxury

The key market for affordable luxury in Asia is the millennials. As consumers in Asia increase their levels of disposable income they will consume more. This is a simple proposition but will drive the fates of most businesses in the decades to come.


The demand In Asia for foreign manufactured medical devices will increase. No one wants to buy a counterfeit pacemaker!


Outbound tourism will be a major growth sector within China over the next decade.


The expansion in fiscal expenditure in the Asian region will lead to a greater demand for natural resources as the required housing and infrastructure is built.


There are numerous complicated and virtually inexplicable investment models out there and we are determined to offer investors an alternative to them.

It is important to Wordsworth Asset Management that we identify simple themes that all investors can understand. Our investment decisions are not based on complicated proprietary models but simple long-term global themes.

Wordsworth Asset Management believes in the long-term growth of developing Asia.

We believe that this will be the most significant investment opportunity over the next couple of decades. We invest in global listed equities and we have chosen companies that will outperform the global benchmark because of their exposure to the growth of developing Asia.


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